The lesson of Individual Pain

Personal Growth

I was at the end of my rope, both figuratively and literally. I had never felt so much pain. My girlfriend had left me (again), things couldn’t have gotten any worse. My ego said enough was enough and it was time to leave this earth. That egoic whisper had been at me for days and days. When I stopped and listened to the ego. I kept pointing my finger at those around me, when I looked at my finger pointing outwards at all of these people who had hurt me over the years I remembered my mother’s voice. Remember when you point your finger at someone there are 3 pointing back at you. I turned it over and saw those 3 fingers pointing back at me, I then decided to ignore my suffering and face my pain.
I felt it stronger than I ever did before, I stepped into my emotions and traced back the external button pushers (ex-girlfriends) back farther and farther. My neuronetwork for the first time working in reverse, I discovered my pain source hidden in my Anterior Cingulate Cortex, that part of the brain hidden by the ego.
I found the root of my unconscious belief of being not good enough. I felt the sadness overtake me, the deepest sadness that I had ever felt before. I saw beyond my emotional memory and beyond belief. I sat down with that Little Part of me and reminded him of truth.

I discovered Little Me waiting all those years for me.
The root cause of all mankind’s addictions disappeared in that instant. No longer needing to use EFT to distract me from my pain source, no longer needing Law Of Attraction in a way of distancing me from my pain, no longer needing drugs to suppress the emotional pain, no longer needing Meditation as a pretending reappraisal of what happened to Little Me.
The pretending stopped and the transcending began.

Amazing that the pain we all feel inside is the same pain that keeps us separate.

Yes, our individual pain do belong to all of us. We are all the same in our unconscious beliefs. There are only 4 unconscious beliefs that EVERYONE has. These unconscious or metabeliefs are: Unlovable, Undeserving, Unworthy and Not Good Enough. There is a way to go through this, one step at a time and yes it does work. So reach out and I’ll lend you a helping hand. A simple step by step process to access your emotions, using your suffering to find the pain source and finally connect and correct that little part of you who has been dying to meet you.

Reach out to that Little Part of you… waiting for you to pick them up!
It’s time to discover Why you do what you do, discover Why you feel the way you do.

You are never upset for the reasons you think…but you are upset for the reasons you feel!




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